Dassic : Hedgehopper


the moon has gone today

why do I envision it

I don’t know what to say


will I be here tomorrow

will I branch the right way

will I ever see the black velvet again

could be anywhere by now


it’s the sunset law; I’m out on the sidewalk

the session passes by; maybe I am in the sky

or is it just another fly-by


I don’t like my whereabouts

it’s time to bug out – take my cue

don’t let’em get to you


I can see a shadow; it’s mine

it’s floating like I – searching

I’m the persuader in orbit



(Lyrics by J. F. Nemholt & M. E. Sanchez)

Dassic : Orbit_2B


when night commences and day descends 

all natural boundaries come to an end 

our dreams derive from common sense 

and viewed through this kaleidoscopic lens 

all our hurdles evanesce


from subconsciousness we act out our lives 

to survive we’re forced always to be nice 

we drift away from our truth and reality 

and schizophrenic tales of joy and happiness 

imparts to us a sense of normality


but the dream comes true when seen from within 

and by eluding the danger of oblivion 

we charge our minds through its own feedback 

creating a vapor space of sublime energy 

for our mind to use when the day gets back


when day commences and night descends 

our imaginary boundaries come to an end 

our minds derive from common sense 

and viewed through this telescopic lens 

all our hurdles will recommence



we dream the day of sanity, 

to cope with life in reality…


(Lyrics by J. F. Nemholt, M. E. Sanchez, M. Zorn)

Dassic : Modular_X

I see my life in perspective – living it without you

I find it almost impossible – just to get through

I want to feel your presence – feel that I am alive

and you’re the only one able – to make it come true

you are the dream in my dream – you are the driven divine

you are the blood in my heart – if you could only be mine

you seem like you are right here – as long as you’re in my dream

and I am trying to touch you – and your touch is so fine

we could be in my dream – or we could just make it seem

we could have a good time – while we were living the mean

we could feel like heaven – though we would be in hell

and we would also be rich – but our souls would be lean

we should travel the world – or maybe just in our mind

we should find the good things – of all sort and all kind

we should meet all the people – even if it took time

and we should get all the stories – that would help us to unwind

I am the dubious fool – like the obsequious pet

I will obey all your dreams – that I would find in my head

I find you in my scope – I hope that you’ll stay in

but you are drifting away – seems like you’re going to set

you are the drive in my try – don’t think of asking me why

you say that you’re on the fly – and guys like me just pass by

you want to feel that you’re free – to do what ever you want

but even if you succeed – I hope that I’ll be your try

we could live worlds within – without anyone but us

we could just follow our scent – without the problem of rush

we could move step by step – and still be able to steam

but it would still be a dream – all though it seems a bit mussed

we should add to our new life – no matter what it would seem

we should cutout the new gene – and find that people would deem

we should explore the whole world – that I’ve been giving a pant

but all the things we could find – would be no more than a dream

why don’t you fly baby – why don’t you fly next to me ?

why don’t you fly baby – why don’t you fly next to me ?

why don’t you – come to me ?

why don’t you – talk to me ?

why don’t you – fly with me ?

(Lyrics by J. F. Nemholt)